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NV6312 Li, Shuying - WORLD MAP - front c

"World Map"- Four Corners Ensemble

Throughout history, music has overcome culture and borders to bring people together through a universal language. Composer Shuying Li and Four Corners Ensemble present WORLD MAP, a collection of five mini-concertos for quintet, which takes listeners on a journey around the world, opening their ears to music’s evolution as an international unifier.


Each piece of WORLD MAP focuses on specific cultural events that are representative of different regions of the world. Over the course of the album, the ensemble explores history through the lens of music and showcases their ability to interpret genres and idioms from the globe over.

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Video recordings

Provintia "Sunset of Chihkan Tower" (2010)

Chihchun Chi-sun Lee

Christina Adams, violin  

"closed and huddled against vast space" for 9 violins (1987, rev. 2018)

Evan Chambers

Christina Adams , Teagan Faran, Nathaniel Cornell, Leslee Smucker, Namjoo Oh, Arianna Dotto, Sungho Jung, Saegyeol Yi, Bram Margoles, violins  


Sonata for Violino and Basso continuo, no. 1 op. 1 (1760)

Domenico Ferrari

Christina Adams, baroque violin               

David Belkovski, harpsichord               

 Violin Sonata in G minor (1917)- I. Allegro vivo

Claude Debussy

Christina Adams, violin               

Regina Tanujaya, piano               

Two Pieces for Violin and Piano

Lili Boulanger

Christina Adams, violin 

Naki Kripfgans, piano

Audio recordings

Incantation (1995)

Augusta Read Thomas

Christina Adams, viola

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